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A number of private and public sector officials will soon get an opportunity to learn more about several Government initiatives which are seen as enhancers to productivity in the public service.

These initiatives will be discussed next Thursday, March 1, when the Ministry of the Civil Service hosts Day Four of the Week of Excellence 2018, which will be held from February 25 to March 3, under the theme: Productivity: The Heart of Our Future.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Civil Service, Alyson Forte, will deliver the opening remarks, after which the Office of Public Sector Reform will launch its Challenge to Change Mobile App.

The Personnel Administration Division will highlight its Correspondence Management System, which will move the organisation from a paper-intensive to a digital-based environment. The Training Administration Division will present its Competency Framework initiative, which is a major project to enhance recruitment and appointment within the Public Service.

In addition, the Director of the Data Processing Department, Rodney Taylor, will give participants insight into infrastructure as a service, while Chief E-government Officer, Ovvyng Harewood, will make a presentation on the E-Government Master Plan.

Counsellor Anderson Kellman of Network Service Centre will present on the Employee Assistance Programme.


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