Due to a programming glitch, a small percentage of Barbados Water Authority (BWA) customers whose accounts are either current, or in arrears, but being settled through agreements with the BWA, have inadvertently received ???red bills’ indicating that their accounts are already due for disconnection.

According to the BWA, although the problem was resolved soon after it was realised, and?? affected less than 0.1 percent of?? its almost 10,000?? customers, a few?? of these customer bills had already been distributed.

"A review of the situation has determined that the accounts number [in question]?? approximately 72 and are spread across six of our 18 cycles. The Authority apologises for the inconvenience," the BWA asserted.

Persons with queries about the new bill formats are asked to call or visit the BWA’s Customer Service Centre for clarification.

???Red bills’ indicate to recipients that their water accounts are already due for disconnection and that all outstanding balances should be settled immediately to avoid this action. ???Green bills’, on the other hand, will be issued to customers whose accounts have been in arrears for 30 days and are scheduled to be moved into the ???due for disconnection’ category, if not settled immediately.

The BWA has advised that several payment options are still available for monthly customers, including the BWA Customer Service Centre, Probyn Street; all branches of the Barbados National Bank; all Post Offices; the Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. branches at Belmont Road and Broad Street, and all SUREPAY outlets.

Bills may also be paid online via the Royal Bank of Canada, the Bank of Nova Scotia and First Caribbean International Bank. Customers paying at the Authority’s Customer Service Centre may also use debit or credit cards to settle their bills.


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