With Government set to implement its Human Resource Development Strategy within this financial year, efforts are on by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to recruit a Project Coordinator to facilitate the process.

Applicants for the post are required to possess either a post-graduate qualification in Economics, Finance, Business, Project Management or in a related discipline and should have not less than seven years relevant experience.

Alternatively, the applicant should hold a degree in Economics, Finance, Business, Project Management or in a related discipline, with not less than 10 years’ relevant experience.

The candidate is also expected to, among other things, have managerial experience in problem-solving and conflict resolution and should be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and as a team player.

The ability to successfully communicate technical information, in particular to a non-technical audience, will be a plus.

The duties of the Project Coordinator will require the individual to facilitate the coordination, management and implementation of the Human Resource Development Strategy (as a development project, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); assist with managing and tracking of all financial/budgetary aspects of the project, including project close-out process, and collaborate with major stakeholders to ensure the achievement of the project objectives.

Other expectations include managing the quality assurance aspects of the project; ensuring that all specifications, performance indicators and timelines are achieved, and overseeing the procurement of services and, or programmes, in accordance with Government policies and procedures.

Additionally, the successful candidate will be required to direct preparation and submission of monitoring and evaluative reports to the Permanent Secretary, through the Programme Steering Committee; and perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

The duration of the project is three years and the contract will be for one year in the first instance, with the option of renewal at the end of each year.

Interested persons should submit a Curriculum Vitae to the Permanent Secretary, to the attention of the Principal Personnel Officer, Human Resource Department, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, The Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael no later than June 15, 2011.


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