Youths working during Project Give Back

Government’s project to beautify the homes of those senior citizens, who have no one to assist them, has restarted and there is an appeal for members of the public to get involved.

Youth Projects Coordinator with the Youth Department, David Denny, said that members of the 74th Barbados Girl Guides and 5th Barbados Ranger Guides had come on board in Project Give Back which resumed last Saturday.

According to him, some members of the Barbados Youth Development Council, along with the Emerging Global Youth Leaders, are expected to work on additional houses this coming weekend.

Mr. Denny is, however, urging other uniform groups, youth and community organisations, social and cultural clubs and families to join the programme. Those who are interested  should  contact him at the  Youth Department  at telephone number 430-2916.

Emphasising the importance of the programme, he said: “It creates conditions for young people to give back to the community, as they assist in improving the standard of living of senior citizens who cannot beautify their surroundings on their own. The programme also bridges the gap between the elderly and young people and builds community consciousness because we have been hearing the young ones describing those elderly ones as their family.”

Project Give Back seeks to bring together the younger and older generations so as to strengthen their relationships and build cohesive communities, thereby improving the quality of life for people of all ages. “The self-esteem, knowledge and skills of young people are enhanced when they interact with the senior citizens,” Mr. Denny noted.

The project started last December 15 and involves young people painting the homes of the elderly and de-bushing and cleaning their environs. Close to 300 houses across the island have been targetted and 47 of them have been completed to date.

The second component of the project was a Christmas luncheon and concert for the elderly at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

At that time, Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, described Project Give Back as “successful so far”, and promised that further initiatives would be put in place throughout the year to continue the relationships forged between the youth and senior citizens.

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