BDF Chief-of-Staff, Colonel Alvin Quintyne (left), giving some words of encouragment to some of the newly-promoted officers. (A. Gaskin/BGIS)

Chief-of-Staff of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF), Colonel Alvin Quintyne, has told the more than 60 newly-promoted officers to not be afraid to maintain discipline and take quick and decisive action when discharging their duties if they are to be worthy of the higher rank they now hold.

He sounded this warning today during the BDF’s promotion ceremony at St. Ann’s Fort, the Garrison, St. Michael.

Colonel Quintyne stressed that the BDF could not advance in an environment where management failed to discharge its responsibilities to the fullest.?? He also warned that the institution could not function with those persons who tried to undermine the authority of others.

"If you are not prepared to do what is right in enforcing the code of discipline against those subordinates who you are privileged to lead, then you do not merit the rank just presented to you," he observed.

Pointing out that not all the decisions made in the execution of their duties would be popular, the Chief of Staff reminded the officers that priority must always be placed on "accomplishment of the mission and not on seeking to please every member of the team under your command or other subordinates."

He further stated: "You, the junior leaders, are placed in a very important position in the hierarchy of this Force. You are the ones charged with the responsibility for leading and managing the men and women who form the tip of the BDF’s operational spear, whether on land or on the high seas.?? High quality and

inspiring leadership at your level – and indeed, at every other level in this Force – is very critical to ensuring that this tip of the spear remains sharp and not allowed to become blunt through your inefficiency or ineffectiveness as junior leaders and managers," Colonel Quintyne emphasised.

He also underscored the importance of maintaining good deportment and displaying outstanding conduct in the barracks and beyond the walls of St. Ann’s Fort which reflected the BDF’s motto – A Symbol of Excellence.

The Chief-of-Staff also advised the officers to acquire the requisite academic qualifications as another step on the upward mobility ladder. "Remedial educational classes have been arranged for your benefit.?? Attend the classes and soak up the knowledge so that you may succeed in your exams, thereby securing your feet firmly on the next rung of the promotion ladder," Colonel Quintyne advised.

During the ceremony, the BDF’s Edgar Eversley and MacRoy Jones, were promoted to Warrant Officer Class One; while Leroy Stuart of the Barbados Coast Guard, was elevated to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.?? The Chief Petty Officer is now Anderson Bowen.??

Four officers were promoted to the rank of Colour Sergeant; three to the rank of Sergeant; one each to the rank of Corporal, Leading Seaman and Able Bodied Seaman and six to that of Lance Corporal.

Thirteen officers were promoted to the ranks of Acting Colour Sergeant, Petty Officer, Corporal and Able Bodied Seaman; while a further 30 officers were confirmed in the ranks of Local Sergeant, Corporal, Able Bodied Seaman and Lance Corporal.


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