A valid medical certificate is a must for stall owners and food handlers dealing with the preparation and sale of food at Crop Over events.

This reminder comes from the Chief Environmental Health Officer (Ag), Desmond King who is also advising individuals that the certificate should be presented on the request of the Environmental Health Officer.

The advice is part of a set of guidelines, developed by the Environmental Health Division to ensure that operators and their assistants maintain proper hygiene practices when serving the public, whether at Bridgetown Market, Cohobolopot, or Kadooment and so on.

When serving food stall owners and assistants must wear head covering or hair restraints; no nail polish should be worn and nails should be trimmed and kept clean and no jewellery should be worn on the hands or around the neck.

Food handlers are also reminded that no sleeveless tops or vests should be worn when preparing or serving food; that light and single coloured shirts, tops or aprons should be worn and smoking is prohibited in food stalls.

The Environmental Health Division is also suggesting that food handlers be free of infected burns, boils, cuts or respiratory illnesses. They should wash their hands frequently and thoroughly (particularly before beginning work, after handling raw foods and after using the toilet) in order to prevent the contamination of food. Food handlers should use disposable paper towels and never wipe hands on aprons or clothing.

The chewing of gum or eating while preparing or serving food is also prohibited and the Division is suggesting that food handlers refrain from picking the nose, touching pimples and scratching the head or face. (JG)

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