The views of the public are being solicited on three draft standards put out by the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI).??

The first draft document is ISO/CD 10377 Consumer Product Safety:?? Practical Guidance for Suppliers that will aid organisations in identifying, assessing, reducing, eliminating and managing risk, thus decreasing the potential for consumers to be exposed to hazards, thereby diminishing the threat of litigation.

The other two are ISO/CD 10393 Consumer Product Recall and Corrective Action: Code of Practice, which acts as a guidance standard.?? This will provide an international model code of good practice for consumer product recalls and other corrective actions after the product has left the manufacturing facility.?? These include refunds, retrofit, repair, replacement, disposal and public notification; while ISO/CD 16599 Solid Biofuels – Terminology addresses the standardisation of the terminology, sustainability criteria for production, supply chain and application of bioenergy, as well as other aspects related to environmental, social and economical effects.??????????????

The deadlines for submission of comments on the three standards are Monday, August 15; Thursday, August 18; and Friday, August 19 respectively.?? Comment forms may be accessed online at .

Additional information on ISO/CD 16599 or ISO/CD 10393, may be obtained from Hadyn Rhynd at; while information on ISO/CD 10377 may be obtained by contacting Carson Rawlins at Both officers may also be reached at the BNSI office, at 426-3870.

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