Government is moving to involve as many interest groups and the wider society in its ongoing efforts to address the matter of the cost of living. To this end, come Tuesday, June 17, the Cabinet will be hosting a one-day Consultation on the Cost of Living at the Sherbourne Conference Centre.

Several public and private sector entities, the social partnership, heads of government departments, academia, NGOs and the news media, are expected to be represented at the forum, which gets under way at 9:00 a.m.

According to a spokesman for the Cabinet, “the rationale behind hosting such a session is Government’s desire to hear the views of the representatives of the various sectors; so, we can interface, put our heads together, seek to build consensus and come up with appropriate strategies to address this present day phenomenon. We expect them to bring serious and practical contributions to the table that would help us as a collective body to earnestly tackle this problem.”

Prime Minister David Thompson, who is also Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, will open the consultation and elucidate Government’s commitment to effectively tackle the issue of the cost of living. 

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