COVID-19 update and press conference – May 3, 2021. (PMO)

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, is encouraging everyone to observe the COVID-19 protocols and continue to cooperate with authorities, as health officials continue to aggressively tackle the virus.

During a COVID-19 update to the nation and press conference today, Lt. Col. Bostic said health officials were seeing an improvement in the overall situation in the country with regard to the virus, but there were still “pockets of resistance” to which they must pay close attention.

The Minister stated: “I want to encourage each and every one of us to continue to do what we have to do to help Barbados, not only to maintain the current situation but to improve and to get where we are striving hard to get to. I believe that for the most part this is happening, although there is evidence to suggest that some people are still…dropping the guard in terms of the wearing of mask in public spaces….

“We have to continue to work assiduously on behalf of the country, making sure that we all do what we have to do in observing the protocols…. It only takes one case that gallops away in terms of…the persons exposed to that case, and that can cause us trouble, and we do not want that to happen.”

He noted that each spike in cases, from time to time, was a reminder that the virus was present in the communities. Therefore, he emphasised that it was in everyone’s interest to continue wearing masks, sanitising and maintaining physical distancing.

When asked about the church cluster in the north of the country, Lt. Col. Bostic disclosed that the situation was still ongoing and officials were still “picking up one or two cases” connected to that cluster.

The Health Minister urged Barbadians to to continue wearing masks, sanitising and maintaining physical distancing. (Stock Photo)

“We will continue to follow that for the next few days and for as long as possible, until we are satisfied that it is closed,” he stressed.

When questioned as to whether there were any more cases of people with the virus at any of the other hospitals besides the Psychiatric Hospital, he said there was a situation with a general worker at the St. Michael District Hospital, but that was under control.

Lt. Col. Bostic indicated that his Ministry was working with all of the hospitals and facilities to ensure the established protocols were being adhered to by staff and visitors.

With regard to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where some security officers had tested positive for the virus and their colleagues placed in quarantined, he reported that no further positive cases had been recorded.

“What we’ve seen is that a number of those persons have been able to return to work, having tested negative on their second test. There have been no further positives coming out of that particular situation. We believe that as soon as we are able to complete all of the second tests for everyone associated with that, [and] if it continues on its current trajectory, that we would be in a position to close off that case. But at the moment, things are looking good,” he surmised.

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