Energy Minister, Elizabeth Thompson

Barbadians, including stakeholders in the energy sector, now have an opportunity to share their views and provide recommendations on the draft Barbados National Energy Policy (BARNEP) which was launched recently by the Ministry of Energy and the Environment.

According to Energy Minister, Elizabeth Thompson, the 64 page document would be distributed to a wide cross section of stakeholders including non-governmental organisations, environmental groups, civic organisations and professional bodies. These will be given a two week deadline to respond and make their recommendations.

She added that the document would also be made available soon at all the public libraries as well as online through several government websites, including her Ministry’s.

“From here on, the draft policy document will go through an extensive consultative process…nothing in it is set in concrete, so we do intend that the final document would be informed by and conform to the views, recommendations and suggestions made by stakeholders and members of the public,” the Minister explained.

In addition, Ms. Thompson revealed that one town hall meeting would also be held to facilitate further public discussion on the matter.

The Barbados National Energy Policy is the Ministry of Energy and the Environment’s effort to chart the way forward in the management of this island’s energy resources up to the year 2026.

The draft document focuses on a number of critical areas such as the provision of energy at a reasonable cost, the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels, the creation of a renewable energy society and economy, the establishment of an appropriate regulatory and economic framework, increased exploration for gas and oil both onshore and offshore, the promotion of research and development in energy, oil and natural gas and increased participation in the energy sector at the national level. It also aims at making Barbadians realise that the sector is a viable area for investment.

Further information on the aforementioned may be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Energy and the Environment at 467-5700.

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