Barbados is in the process of finalising its implementation strategy for the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

And, members of the public are being invited to view and download copies of the final draft National Implementation Strategy on the Environmental Protection

Department’s website at and the Barbados Government Information Service website at for review.

All comments should be forwarded to, no later than Friday, November 9, and should focus on the accuracy of the information in the strategy, omissions and suggestions for improvement.

Barbados is undertaking a project to establish nationwide standardisation through the GHS in an effort to improve the country’s mechanism for protecting human health and the environment from the potential negative impacts of chemicals.

GHS is a system to determine the type of hazard a chemical will cause and communicate that hazard to the people using it, to promote the safer use of those chemicals in the workplace and the home.

The draft strategy outlines the goals, activities, and suggested implementation mechanisms for the actions needed to achieve effectiveness of the GHS in the target areas.

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