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The Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee (RSTAC) invites the public to submit written, audio and/or video suggestions and recommendations concerning the amendment of the Constitution and related laws of Barbados.

Members of the public are encouraged to share their vision of a Barbados that represents the rights, responsibilities and aspirations of the people and institutions of Barbados.

Submissions may be emailed to republicconsultations@barbados.gov.bb. Audio and video submissions should not exceed 10 minutes. Written submissions may also be mailed to:

The Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee
Cabinet Office
Government Headquarters
Bay Street
St. Michael

The RSTAC has been mandated by the Cabinet of Barbados to review the previous work done on the subject, to consult widely with citizens and organisations of Barbados, and, to present its interim and final reports to the Cabinet of Barbados by June 30th and September 30th, 2021, respectively.

Barbados has had two previous constitutional review commissions, the Commission headed by Sir Mencea Cox which tendered its report in 1979, and the Report of 1998, led by Sir Henry Forde.

Who is the Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee?

The RSTAC will be hosting a series of themed public meetings where members of the public will be given the opportunity to offer submissions. All COVID-19 protocols will be observed and therefore physical attendance will be limited by capacity restrictions.

Members of the public and Barbadians throughout the Diaspora will also be able to participate in these sessions via online platform.

The deadline for registration, as well as themes, times, venues and online platform credential details will be announced shortly.

Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee

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