Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Kirk Humphrey. (FP)

Residents across Barbados are being encouraged to remember that HIV still exists in society and have been urged to stay healthy.

Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Kirk Humphrey, issued this reminder as he delivered brief remarks on Saturday, during the Tennis Town Road Tennis Competition held in collaboration with the National HIV/AIDS Commission in celebration of the Commission’s Love Safely initiative.

Mr. Humphrey said Government was focused on families and sports was a good way to convey the HIV message.

He explained sporting events could be used to encourage persons to get tested, prevent the spread of the disease and also mitigate the impact it has on families, both for infected and affected persons. “HIV is not gone. It is still here, so please continue to stay healthy,” he urged.

The Minister commended the organisers of the sporting event, noting that road tennis was Barbados’ indigenous sport.  He also congratulated those who participated in the tournament.

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