In light of the growing number of complaints about the presence of mosquitoes throughout the island, the Ministry of Health is urging Barbadians to check their premises for possible breeding sites and to take the necessary steps to control the mosquito population.??

According to Ministry officials, recent surveillance reports have reflected an upward trend for suspected and confirmed cases of dengue fever.?? During the months of January and February this year, 121 confirmed cases were recorded, as compared to 54 confirmed cases for the same period last year.

The Environmental Health Division has, therefore, advised property owners who have above ground and underground water storage tanks – which have emerged as major sources of mosquito breeding – to check their facilities on a weekly basis to eliminate breeding areas.

In addition, water containers should be sealed to prevent access by adult mosquitoes, as this is the most effective method of prevention.?? This may be accomplished by using mesh to cover openings.?? Alternatively, for situations where complete sealing may not be possible, it is recommended that periodic treatment with an appropriate chemical to kill larvae should be undertaken.??

The Environmental Health Division has also issued a reminder to members of the public that it is an offense to breed mosquitoes on their premises. It has pledged to continue to do its part with inspectors investigating mosquito complaints and deploying periodic fogging and debushing programmes in an attempt to enhance mosquito control.


Author: Ministry of Health/Melissa Rollock

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