The Immigration Department has issued a reminder to the public of a number of security measures. They are aimed at enhancing the safety of its staff and customers who conduct business there on a daily basis.

According to the Chief Immigration Officer, Erine Griffith, a strict dress code is in effect.?? Persons will be prohibited from wearing back and belly outs, halter tops, revealing tops and bottoms, as well as sunglasses while on the compound.?? Cell phones must also be turned off.

In addition, Ms. Griffith stated that the Department had several new initiatives on stream, such as the recently installed walk-through scanner and security checks being conducted with hand-held wands.?? She also pointed out that all persons, including those wearing veils, will be screened by security personnel upon entering the Department.

The Chief Immigration Officer indicated that there continues to be a zero-tolerance policy towards offensive weapons and firearms, and she cautioned that indecent language, the playing of radios or the use of cameras will not be tolerated.

These measures, such as the screening by the walk-through and hand-held scanners, will become effective from Wednesday, December 15, 2010.????

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