More than two dozen senior public sector officials are now better equipped to suggest which performance management system will be best suited to improve productivity within their respective departments.

Workshop facilitators, Senior Economist, Olivia Chase, and Associate Consultant, Jannell Arthur, of the Productivity Council, outlined the benefits of implementing such a programme across the Civil Service, during the Council’s Effective Performance Management Systems for the Public Sector Workshop. It was held recently at the Savannah Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church.

During the half-day session, topics such as Major Factors Affecting Productivity; Defining Productivity for the Public Sector; What is the Purpose of Productivity Systems and Elements of an Effective Measurement System were discussed.

In outlining the importance of such a project, Ms. Chase said the seminar was designed to "address problems with the preparation and implementation of performance management, budgeting and planning across the public sector".

She stated: "Part of our mandate is to work with the public sector in alleviating these issues and we wanted to address the Civil Service in a mass way and that is why we decided to host this workshop."

Noting that managing in a recessionary period was challenging, Ms. Chase gave the assurance that the department stood ready to assist managers and middle managers to resolve any "teething problems" with the administration of the management systems.

The Senior Economist also outlined the benefits of succession planning in both the public and private sectors. "Succession planning is an omnipotent tool not only for the public sector, but for the private sector as well.?? Some people put together a paper as merely a "shelf document" and it is not referred to as an actual day-to-day document that is used to guide the decisions of the organisation," she opined.

Ms. Chase added: "We want to lift that report off the shelf … ensure that it has the information contained in it that is necessary for building the department and making sure that there is information on targets; who should be held accountable for the critical activities within the department and to ensure that the resources needed to enhance the performance of the department are provided.

Another workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 11, at the same venue.

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