Minister of Family, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo (centre), in conversation with (from left),??Stedson "Red Plastic Bag" Wiltshire; Founder of??SAVE, Liesl Daisley; Country Manager of LIME Barbados, Alex McDonald;??Edwin Yearwood of Krosfyah.??Permanent Secretary, Irvine Best, looks on. (Image: C. Pitt)

Barbados’ reigning calypso monarch, Stedson "Red Plastic Bag" Wiltshire, is urging all members of the public to get involved in the fight against domestic violence.

"Domestic violence is real. For a long time we have been ignoring the fact that it is with us. … When you get to realise the thinking in our society with regards to domestic violence, then it becomes a fact that we have to work extremely hard against the scourge," Mr. Wiltshire stated.

He made the comments last Saturday, during the launch of the domestic violence hotline in the main conference room of the Ministry of Education. The telephone number is 43 ABUSE or 432-2873. The line has been donated by LIME for three years, in the first instance.

"Bag" and Edwin Yearwood of Krosfyah, have pledged their support to the cause and expressed the wish that more entertainers would get involved, especially around Crop Over.

Mr. Yearwood welcomed the hotline and expressed the hope that professionals from all walks of life would take on the fight.

Country Manager of LIME Barbados, Alex McDonald, said this step should be seen as a signal to its corporate partners that it was time to take action. "I’m asking the members of our community, especially those in LIME, to volunteer and take a call, because ventures like this help to make this island a much better place," he asserted.

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