Puppetry, a fun way of teaching children to read and learn language, will be demonstrated to teachers and students of Grazettes Primary School next week.

Staff of the Media Resource Department (MRD) will undertake the puppetry presentation to promote the love for reading on Tuesday, March 31, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

???Puppetry offers an exciting and novel way of presenting concepts to children. The MRD offers training in this area, and also uses the medium to demonstrate to teachers how to incorporate it into the classroom environment,??? said Media Resource Officer, Charmaine Seale.

To date, the MRD has used puppetry to get students interested, motivated and involved in reading. Just recently, St. Margaret???s Primary used it in their African Awareness programme, and Wilkie Cumberbatch in their Care of the Environment thrust.

Noting that Eden Lodge Primary School recently benefited from the demonstration, Mrs. Seale said of the response: ???The children were excited, engaged and very attentive and they encouraged us to come back again. They wanted to touch the puppets and interact with Super Reader, The Witch, and the one that looked like Elmo fascinated everyone.???

She added that the three named puppets were made by teachers at one of the MRD???s workshops which instructs on how to develop teaching aids.??The puppetry demonstrations are usually done over the course of the school year, especially during Reading Week, or on request by a particular school.


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