Bathsheba Beach (Courtesy of NCC)

Barbadians are being urged to become involved in the conservation, improvement and support of public parks and beaches.

The National Conservation Commission (NCC) has therefore, invited persons to contribute to the maintenance of the island’s renowned beaches by participating in the Adopt-A Beach/Park programme.

This was underscored by the NCC’s Project Coordinator, Ricardo Marshall, who said: "There are a number of advantages to adopting a beach, both for the beach and for the adopters." He highlighted the philanthropic and commercial advantages to adopting a beach as part of the programme, noting "Adopters will have appropriate signage erected which will offer publicity and advertising as well as demonstrating the civic mindedness of the adopter.

"We are calling out to organisations and groups to become stewards of the beach and have the pleasure knowing that they are making a true difference through this hands-on approach, enhancing, preserving and conserving the environment.

By adopting a park/beach, the organisation/group/school commits to enhancing and maintaining the area through the planting of trees and plants, painting, flower bed preparation and other approved subjects. Projects are intended to enhance the beauty of the beach, and/or increase the ease and comfort of use.

"We are hoping to foster partnerships with private sector organisations and schools, especially groups located in the general area of the particular park or beach," Mr. Marshall stated. He invited any civic-minded group for example scouts, cadets, professional organisations and social clubs, in addition to schools and companies to participate in the NCC programme.

Beaches such as the Drill hall and Browne’s Beach, adopted by G4S Security and Sunshine Soroptomists respectively, have benefitted greatly. The NCC has expressed the hope that more organisations will participate in the programme, thus allowing more beaches and parks to benefit.

The Commission will also coordinate workshops for adopters focusing on topics such as the importance of trees, plant propagation techniques, biodiversity conservation, turtle conservation, beach stabilisation, and waste management.

Further information can be found on the NCC’s website: http://www.nccbarbados.gov.bb/ or by contacting the Adopt-a-Park/Beach Coordinators, Ricardo Marshall or Ryan Brathwaite at 425-1200.


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