COVID-19 Update and press conference – Jan. 29, 2022. (PMO)

Barbadians can still expect the highest level of care from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), even if the services are scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of Medical Services, Dr. Clyde Cave, stated this during the press conference to update the nation on the COVID-19 situation, at Ilaro Court, this afternoon.

Assuring members of the public that their health was priority as he discussed initiatives for patient care and services provided by the QEH, Dr. Cave said: “I am particularly proud that we have not ceased any of our essential services. Certainly, we have had to slow them down, and at times, pause, but unlike many of our Caribbean countries, we have endeavoured successfully to keep our main hospital relatively COVID free and to maintain our non-COVID services.

“As you will appreciate, the COVID pandemic means that we have a new category of patients to look after; those who may be, or are affected by the coronavirus to varying degrees.”

Additionally, Dr. Cave explained that the QEH was the major point for the severely ill. “We are the repository of the major expertise and equipment for saving lives. We obviously have to bridge the gap between being a non-COVID, non-infectious environment, which is what we try to do for our patients. And we are thankful that the public has largely worked with us in this respect,” he stated.

He lauded the public for working with the QEH, within the restrictions imposed for visits and healthcare. 

The Director of Medical Services noted that the clinics at the institution had to be scaled back through the use of telemedicine and the assistance of the transitional Community Care Programme, which is a new initiative “to help the most vulnerable remain in their homes safely”.   

Dr. Cave stressed that despite departments being affected by the surge in COVID-19 cases, “emergencies and genuine crises will always be taken care of”, and urged persons with any concerns to call the QEH’s Help Desk at 536-4800.

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