Management of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is about to create a skills bank through its recently launched Volunteer Programme.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dexter James, made this assertion last Saturday, during the official launch which saw 30 volunteers, who participated in an expanded orientation programme, becoming certified to assist staff in effectively carrying out their duties.

Dr. James explained that a skills bank would give management a sense of the skills and competencies within the volunteer group. This, he said, would allow the hospital to deploy volunteer services in a more meaningful and structured way.

"There are tremendous opportunities in areas such as patient advocacy; follow-up appointments, co-ordinating patients’ transportation; overseeing patients in the waiting areas, patients’ escorts; stocking shelves; hospitality services and, of course, providing emotional support to patients, relatives and friends," Dr. James pointed out.

The CEO told volunteers they were ambassadors for the QEH and that they must embody and live up to the values held by the hospital which included: respect for patients; integrity; compassion; teamwork and quality service. He said the hospital would provide ongoing training and development for volunteers to ensure that they complemented and supplemented the existing resources at the hospital.?? The 30 volunteers were issued with volunteer handbooks, in addition to badges and jackets so they could be easily identified.

Dr. James said he envisioned the group growing to the point where it had its own identity. This, he maintained, would allow it to raise its own funds to support programmes that it wished to pursue, and attract more volunteers in the process.

Anyone interested in joining the QEH Volunteer Programme should collect application forms from the hospital’s Human Resources Department.


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