The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) will be launching its Volunteer Programme on Saturday, April 14, at 10:30 a.m., in the hospital’s auditorium, Martindale’s Road, St. Michael.

A number of individuals and groups will be officially inducted into the programme, by Minister of Health, Donville Inniss.

"Before, we didn’t have a volunteer policy; people would just go in [the hospital] and volunteer and be monitored by the nurses. We are now streamlining it so that everybody follows the same rules. Those groups that have been volunteering for years will have to undergo continuous training along with the new volunteers," communications specialist at the QEH, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, explained.

She underscored the importance of the volunteer service at the hospital, saying it was an important contribution to patient care.

Ms. Williams-Gayle said that volunteers complemented and supplemented services to patients and their relatives and, in so doing, enhanced the role of staff.

"As a hospital, we intend to optimise the latent capacity that resides within volunteers by utilising their varied skills, competencies and expertise," she asserted.

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