Visitors and patients passing through the main entrance of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) will now be greeted with improved facilities which include a reception/information desk, a new colour scheme and a more comfortable reception area. And, as part of this initiative by the island’s premier heath institution to improve its efficiency and demonstrate service excellence, the upgraded lobby also includes an area designed to provide more privacy for patients with appointments and those being admitted.

Speaking today, during the unveiling of a plaque to mark the changes made to the QEH’s lobby area, Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, noted that the refurbishment was all done "in-house" and was a reflection of the hard work done by hospital staff, especially those in the engineering and sewing departments.

He added that the improved area should be seen as more than just physical. "The changes made to the reception area of the hospital are more than just physical upgrades.?? It really symbolises an improvement in patient care and an improvement in customer service…It has raised the level of service here at the QEH," he clarified.

Noting that he was aware of the negative comments made about the QEH by members of the public, the Minister encouraged staff to continue in their efforts to improve the hospital’s image. "We have always been the subject of attack and condemnation…but let that not get you down.?? I am satisfied that what has been happening around here has begun to translate into improved patient care at the hospital, he advised, adding: "We undoubtedly have to make continuous improvements to the physical plant even though we announced that we will build a new general hospital."

The Health Minister also took the opportunity to remind members of the public that the hospital belonged to all Barbadians, and urged them to respect both the property and the staff.

The upgrade of the reception area was completed over a six week period with financial assistance from the City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union and the CIBC First Caribbean Bank.


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