Queen Elizabeth Hospital????

Persons requiring radiological services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) will soon have a shorter wait to get x-ray results and arrange appointments, when the new digital Radiological Information System (RIS) is introduced on Monday, November 12.

During a media briefing last Friday, Senor Radiographer, Venice Gill, pointed out that the transition to this system would not only positively impact patients but could result in a reduction in the wait time to get results moving from two weeks to three days.?? The Hospital will also save just over $1M a year in film and chemicals and will reduce the need for significant storage space for film.??

Ms. Gill explained that the system would be integrated with a currently isolated mini Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in the department.??

"Currently, we have modality specific networks within the department, ultrasound and Cat Scan have their own storage areas, but these are all isolated systems.?? Moving from this to the RIS and integrating the RIS with the PACS, the computerised database will allow for the storage, manipulation and distribution of patient radiological data and imagery.?? So you can add images, you can retrieve images from other examinations, radiological staff can view them from their offices, and referring physicians can be allowed access to see both images and patient data," she explained.

Additionally, the RIS will be used to schedule appointments, allow clinicians to track a person’s entire radiological history; generate statistical reports; may be integrated with the financial records; and will allow radiologists to dictate reports directly into the system, using voice recognition software.??????????

The RIS is a precursor to the creation of a Hospital Information System and eventually a Heath Care Information System, which will also connect the polyclinics to the network.


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