Queen’s Park is being upgraded to coincide with Barbados’ celebration of its 50th anniversary of Independence.

Speaking at a press briefing this morning following a tour of the park, Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, stated that not only did the refurbishment project aim to promote the park’s rich history, but also to “encourage increased utilisation of the park and its numerous amenities”.

The project is being sponsored by CIBC First Caribbean International Bank under its “adopt-a-park” programme to the tune of BDS $80,000.

Pointing out that Queen’s Park is one of the major urban green spaces nestled within Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, Dr. Lowe noted that it continues to be heavily used by the Barbadian public for recreation, relaxation and cultural expositions.

He said that with the inscription of Bridgetown on the World Heritage List, it was of paramount importance that appropriate signage and related information was displayed prominently.

Meanwhile, General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, lauded the initiative, and noted that as the country was in the process of celebrating its golden jubilee, the NCC had contributed significantly to the island’s development for 46 out of those 50 years.

“During the past 46 years, we have seen the transformation of the Park and Beaches Commission, where emphasis was placed more on the maintenance of parks and beaches to the National Conservation Commission, an entity that has a wide and varied mandate with much more emphasis on the preservation and conservation of our natural environment,” he stated.

Some of the changes to Queen’s Park include fabricating and installing signage for the interpretive trail, which comprises 10 interpretive signs; constructing and installing 26 seats and seven benches; painting the curb wall; painting the park gates; procuring and installing six cast iron seats; and placing three welcome signs near the main entrance – the Governor General’s Gate, and at the Nelson Gate and the Queen’s Gate.


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