Queen???s Park has been selected for an $80,000 upgrade.

It comes as part of the First Caribbean International Bank Adopt-a-Park project, which was established in collaboration with the National Conservation Commission.

Speaking at a press conference to formally endorse the initiative, Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, told his audience that his vision was to make Queen???s Park the premier green space of the region.

???I have been the Minister of the Environment now for the last seven to eight years, and one of the things we have always tried to advocate is the involvement of the private sector in the business of the environment.

???I am very familiar with the mores of the bank and the standards that the bank has set for itself, in terms of being a progressive and active corporate citizen, not only in Barbados but across the Caribbean,??? he stated.

The park will undergo beautification in the form of cleaning, painting, the erection of new signage and other efforts. Dr. Lowe lauded the initiative, indicating that ???any activity which contributes to the saving of the earth is an activity worth engaging???.

The project falls under the ambit of the First Caribbean International ComTrust Foundation???s Adopt-a-Cause Portfolio, which encourages employees of that organisation to adopt projects in close proximity to their place of business.??


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