Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler (FP)????

Efforts are under way to have the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified.

Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, has pledged his Ministry’s commitment to this end, charging that it was "about time".

Noting that the Convention was signed in 2007, Minister Sinckler said its ratification was "a very serious issue," for the Government.

??"We have given ourselves a time line that by the end of the financial year, all of those issues that need to take place to get us to the critical mass where that Convention can be ratified will be completed. And, we are giving the National Disabilities Unit the charge to lead that particular effort," he assured.

Minister Sinckler, who was at the time addressing an awards ceremony for a slogan and poster competition, noted his Ministry had taken the time to go through the entire convention, point by point, commitment by commitment, in an effort to isolate those?? matters?? which Barbados had not been able to meet, in terms of its own commitments. "The idea is to ensure that over the next year, we are able to get them met so that the Convention can be ratified in Barbados," he explained.

Drawing attention to one of their Disability Awareness slogans, which stated ???Able today, Disabled Tomorrow’, the Social Care Minister stressed the need for persons to become aware that we all could become a person with a disability through accident or illness.

"Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we work together to provide a better, fully-accessible Barbados, that accommodates all types of disabilities," he concluded.

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