Clients of the Rural Development Commission who will be participating in this year’s Agrofest were cautioned "not to judge the success of [their] participation…purely on the amount of profit".

This advice came from Director of the RDC, Randolph Outram, during his opening remarks at a Town Hall meeting which was held at the Speightstown Resource Centre, yesterday.

Noting that their main aim was to generate sales, Mr. Outram told the group of entrepreneurs and small business operators that they would also "make connections for the future".

"…Someone who may purchase a pair of ten dollar earrings may ask you for your business card for future sales opportunities. Please do not dismiss these persons since they could well be a buyer for a local store or may have overseas connections which can help you to tap onto an export buyer," Mr. Outram pointed out.

The RDC Director added that Agrofest was also an occasion for exhibitors to receive feedback on their products, and an opportunity for them to improve or change product lines for customer satisfaction.

"The Commission was very pleased last year when the majority of the participants listened to our marketing advice and provided means to give themselves greater visibility…Leave no one in doubt as to your product or service by providing all the necessary information. We have given you the foundation, build on it," Mr. Outram asserted.

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