Government is committed to alleviating poverty across the country, through initiatives from the Rural Development Commission (RDC).????????????????????

The RDC’s dedication to this cause was highlighted by Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development, Christopher Sinckler, last Friday, as he spoke following a tour of some of the housing projects completed by the Commission.

The Minister spoke about the number of houses the RDC had constructed and repaired within the last year, citing the aim to provide the housing solutions for vulnerable persons within society.

"Since April 1 last year, until now, the Commission has completed 52 new houses for residents in the rural areas… And these have been accompanied by 80 extensive repair jobs. We’ve done electrical installations, upgrading, plumbing, painting, construction of ramps and digging of more than 80 wells," Minister Sinckler asserted.

He noted that the construction of 15 to 20 houses had been estimated, but they had exceeded those numbers due to the implementation of a rapid response approach.

"Clearly the budget does not allow us to do every single house, but we try, between Rural Development Commission and Urban Development Commission, to do as much as we can," Mr. Sinckler stated.

In addition to housing, the Minister pointed out the need for extensive road repairs in the rural areas, but stated that due to limited resources, housing would have to take priority right now.

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