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The Rural Development Commission (RDC) is continuing its efforts to promote the Grow What You Eat Programme initiated this year at Agrofest.

On Tuesday, April 10, and Wednesday, April 11, staff from the RDC will be distributing free planting receptacles, including pallets and tyres, as well as seeds and seedlings to rural residents, who should provide some proof of address.

Distribution of these items will take place in the rear carpark at the National Housing Corporation (NHC), Country Road, St. Michael, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and individuals are asked to provide their own transportation for removal of the tyres and pallets.

The activities, which will also include demonstrations on how to use the pallets and tyres to grow food, targets rural residents, in particular, who may not have land to cultivate small amounts of produce.

However, according to the RDC, these persons will also have to sign up for the Grow What You Eat Programme to gain assistance needed in cultivation and for follow-up purposes.

The distribution of receptacles by the RDC is expected to continue throughout the year as the Grow What You Eat Programme continues to encourage Barbadians and others to grow their own food and reduce their food bill.


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