As a result of work undertaken by a team of experts from the Rural Development Commission (RDC), Pinnacle Feeds Limited and the Barbados Agricultural Society, some 50 pig farmers will be better able to reduce the amount of money spent on feed.

The farmers attended a one-day workshop at the Glebe Resource Centre, St. George, earlier today, to learn about "Pig Feeding Strategies".

In his welcome remarks, newly appointed Director of the RDC, Randolph Outram, stated that the objective of the initiative was "to increase the technical capacity of RDC’s loan recipients in pig production, so that they are able to feed their pigs with the correct nutritional requirements at the particular stages of development, in order to maximise lean growth and save on their investment."

The Director deemed the development of pig production in rural Barbados as "an exciting industry", and said that due to the demand for pork and its by-products, "the sector is currently enjoying sustained growth".

He noted, however, that the most money spent in pig production was for feed, and disclosed that through its Loan Portfolio, the RDC had disbursed over $1.2 million to pig farmers.

"Feed is the largest cost element in the production of pigs for slaughter or sows for weiner production. It can contribute approximately 75 per cent of total costs and, therefore, the best use must be made of the feeds," the RDC Director added.

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