Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed the view that rearing children and preparing them to become responsible and productive citizens is a collective responsibility.

He shared his views last Friday while delivering the feature address at the Princess Margaret Secondary School???s Speech Day and Prize-Giving Ceremony at the St. Philip-based institution.

Mr. Stuart told his audience: ???The role of Government is to create the conditions for lifelong education, both formal and informal, from the cradle to the grave. However, the responsibility to make full use of the educational facilities and opportunities rests firmly with parents who are to prepare children for school; with teachers who are to facilitate learning at school; and with students, who from as early as possible have to become receptive to the education that is available. The partnership between the parents, teachers and students is both essential and indispensable.???

He praised the work of the staff and students of the Princess Margaret School, saying the institution was emerging as a Centre of Excellence in Technology and Business Studies. He pointed out that those skills would be helpful as this country strives to promote business enterprise and the use of the latest technology as a means of pulling the economy out of the current downturn.

???I should like???therefore, to urge parents, teachers and students to continue to build on the rich history of which Princess Margaret Secondary School boasts. The school motto ???Sublimiora Petamus???, or ???Let us seek higher things???, summons the school to the pursuit of excellence, to the setting of the highest standards and to the rejection of mediocrity. To the students I say: there is always room at the top. If you work hard and aim high there will be no mountain too high for you to climb. The sky is your limit,??? he stated.

Mr. Stuart told the students that some of their peers would try to put pressure on them and he indicated that they would need the constant support of their parents and school, as well as to nurture a core of spiritual and moral values.

He said from what he knew of the teachers at Princess Margaret, they were willing to go the extra mile to help their students succeed by teaching them the values and discipline needed to have a fulfilling life.

???Teachers have consistently undergone continuous professional development training. The objective is to enable them to meet the needs of their students. For example, they work hard to ensure that every student can read and understand the prescribed texts by the end of the first year. Also, with the help of the Guidance Counsellor, they go the extra mile to help students overcome social and emotional challenges.

???The curriculum at Princess Margaret Secondary School is also being extended to appeal to all of our children with what some call ???multiple intelligences???. There is something there to interest every child. What’s more, different forms of certification are being introduced to ensure that the appropriate tests for each child are developed,??? the Prime Minister disclosed.

Mr. Stuart stated that the percentage of candidates passing CXC exams with grades one to three increased 100 per cent in 2013 and he listed the subject areas as Agricultural Science, Information Technology, Physical Education, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business and Technical Drawing.

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