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The public is asked to note that the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is aware of the recall of Tasty Sawa Ground Turmeric by Spices USA Inc.

Spices USA Inc. is recalling 772 bags, 50 pounds each, of TASTY SAWA GROUND TURMERIC, used for furthering manufacturing or repacking, because it contains elevated levels of lead.

Therefore, consumers are advised not to use this product, as lead can accumulate in the body over time, and too much of it can cause serious and sometimes permanent adverse health consequences.

The product was packed in 50 lb yellow polypropylene bags printed with the following information: Brand: Tasty Sawa; Size: 50 lb bags; Lot number: 120674; Use by: 4/2018; Country of origin: India.

To this end, the Standards Administration Unit of the Department is currently carrying out investigations to ascertain whether this product was imported into Barbados.


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