Principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Barbara Parris. (A. Gaskin/BGIS)??

Students at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College (ETTC) recorded a high number of distinctions in courses taken during the academic year 2011-2012.

This was revealed last Saturday as Principal Barbara Parris addressed the graduation ceremony at the Wildey Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.

In her report, Mrs. Parris intimated that it was the highest number over ETTC’s life, noting that one successfully completed course of study was the Certificate in Physical Education. She outlined that this new area of training was pursued by 23 persons with "21 of those attaining success", and with it ???A’ profiles.

It was noted too that with respect to the Diploma in Education (Primary), taken by 117 individuals, "members of this group attained a total of 74 distinctions". This included 24 distinctions in Theory and Practice, 47 in Practice of Education and three in Theory of Education.

In the Diploma in Education (Secondary), there were 20 distinctions in Theory and Practice, 10 in Practice of Education and 10 in Theory of Education, giving a total of 40. Registering her satisfaction with the results, the Principal also spoke about successes in the Diploma in Education (Secondary). Using St. Leonard’s Boys’ School as an example, she indicated that 10 teachers there had undertaken this course of study with "all of them successfully completing the programme with distinctions".

Ms. Parris, however, reminded the over 300 teachers that having successfully completed their course of study their "modus operandi should be different" and "it should not be business as usual." While urging them to share their own ideas with school administrators, she called on the graduates to adopt leading roles in tasks at their respective work places. ????????????????????????????????????????????

"Offer to lead projects that will improve the discipline in schools, enhance teaching and learning and this can be subject specific or improve the Physical Education department. Offer to analyse the examination statistics, internal and/or external, to ascertain how the school can do better what it is doing well. Plan your assessment carefully. Remember, it should be linked to the objectives. Use the assessment for diagnostic purposes as well as teaching," Mrs. Parris said. ??

Valedictorian, Kamille Benjamin, in her remarks to fellow graduates implored them to "never cease studying and learning."She reminded them that as professionals they should seek to keep up-to-date in their particular fields and "continue to accumulate a wealth of knowledge".

"Always remember that he who has knowledge has power", Ms. Benjamin stressed, noting the importance of education to an individual’s personal development. ??Emphasising that education should bring about a change in the individual, she said: "It should help to develop a more rounded person. It should also teach individuals to think critically and analytically, skills that are required if we are not to be left behind in today’s global society," she maintained.

Graduates were further told to continue to build on what they had learnt during the courses and urged to also "continue to strive for excellence and to develop your teaching philosophy as you seek out the optimum means of enabling your students to develop as individuals".


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