Barbadians are being urged to incorporate recycling in their daily lives and to donate proceeds to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank.

These comments came today from HIV/AIDS Food Bank Manager and Nutritionist Donna Barker, following the receipt of a food barrel and $330 raised by staff members of the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) following a recycle drive.

She stated "I am very grateful for the contribution, the time, the effort, and the donations from GIS, because they have been consistent.?? They have been giving monetary and food donations on a regular basis, especially from their recycling drive, and we think that this is something that other organisations can do; recycling and donating the funds to the Food Bank.?? There are a lot of things lying around that could be recycled."

Ms. Barker also encouraged Barbadians to donate to the Food Bank, stating that donations could be as large or as small as they could afford.

She said: "Nothing is too little, if you can bring one bar of soap, someone will get it…, so there is nothing that is too small.?? One can of sardines can feed a person for a meal.?? At least that person would have gotten a meal for the day.?? We don’t want persons to shy away from giving donations because they don’t have a whole bale [to give]."

The Food Bank Manager added that children should also be urged to make contributions. "We want to encourage school children to start getting involved in giving donations.?? If you can afford it, take some of your lunch money and buy one can of sardines, or one can of corned beef, it actually helps somebody; it may help another child," she explained.

Ms. Barker indicated the Food Bank needed a number of packaged items, such as dried peas, rice, macaroni, chow mein, flour and sugar.?? "We received a lot of canned stuff over Christmas, so we can say that for now we are quite comfortable where the canned stuff is concerned but we would like some more packaged dried goods," she added.??

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