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The reform and modernisation of Barbados’ Town and Country Planning Act have been identified by the new Government as mission critical.

As part of the process, ideas are being sought from stakeholders including public and private planners, developers, investors, architects and others who interact with the planning process. These professionals will share their views at a stakeholder consultation on Wednesday, July 25, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The consultation will be live streamed to give members of the public the opportunity to view the discussions.

The views of the public have been deemed as very important to the process which aims to create a new town planning system based on efficiency, consistency, clarity and transparency.

Interested persons are invited to send their comments and suggestions to the e-mail address townplanningreform@barbados.gov.bb or send written submissions to Town Planning Consultations, Prime Minister’s Office, Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St. Michael. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Chapter 240 of the Town and Country Planning Act may be downloaded here.

Areas for consideration include:

  • The Role of the Physical Development Plan
  • How can the town planning system become more open and transparent?
  • The feasibility of a one-stop shop for planning and other permits.
  • How should enforcement be addressed?
  • Development control decisions
  • The Appeals Process
  • How should Environmental Impact Assessments be dealt with?

All views are welcomed as Government seeks to create a town planning system geared towards high quality, sustainable development for current and future generations.


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