Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Maxine McClean (right), chatting with the new Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Representative in Barbados, Florita Kentish, at the Ministry.

There is much concern about food security in the region.??This matter came to the fore recently when the new Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Representative here, Florita Kentish, called on Foreign Minister, Senator Maxine McClean.

Noting that food security in the region was critical, especially in light of climate change, they said it was necessary for Caribbean nations to cooperate more with each other, with the assistance of the FAO, to reach some level of food sufficiency.

The two officials also commented on the lack of an effective system of transport for goods and produce throughout the Caribbean, noting that this inadequacy continued to be a challenge for the region, and needed to be addressed urgently.

Other issues discussed were the L’Aquila Food Security Initiative, the need to resolve phytosanitary issues throughout the Caribbean Community, and the Telefood Project, which makes funds available to small groups.????

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