Those persons whose kitchen or flower gardens are in bloom are encouraged to participate in the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat’s (CICS) Community Mini-Park and Garden Competition.

Communities in Bloom: People, Plants & Pride is the theme of this year’s competition. The programme seeks to uplift and maintain national pride through the celebration of our physical surroundings and to promote community-mindedness through the direct involvement in the maintenance of our natural landscape. It also encourages sound environmental practices at the community level.

Application forms must be collected from and returned to the Secretariat, Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St. Michael. The deadline for submission is Friday, October 21, 2011. Further information may be obtained by contacting the CICS at 436-9660 or 427-6675.

Winners in the mini-park or kitchen garden categories will receive a first prize of $1,500, a second prize of $1,000 and a third prize of $500. Those competing in the traditional or contemporary flower garden areas will receive $1,000 for the first prize, $750 for the second prize and $500 for the third prize.

Special prizes will be awarded for recycling, water conservation (all categories), use of suitable plants (all categories), demonstrated community spirit (mini-park), and best organic crop (kitchen garden).


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