From left to right: Permanent Secretary (Ag), Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, Wayne Marshall; Project Manager National Digital ID, Elsa Webster; Chief Electoral Officer, Angela Taylor; and Director of Digital Solutions and Cybersecurity, Ovvyng Harewood accompany the Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, Davidson Ishmael (centre) as he registers for the new Trident Card. (Photo: C. Cox)

Registration for the Trident card began this week with a positive response from the public.

There was a steady flow of registrants to the more central of the twenty-two (22) registration centres as Barbadians sought to sign up for the new card, which is touted to make identification and accessing services easier and faster.

The Trident ID is set to replace the existing national ID card as the primary form of identification for Barbados. This new card will feature advanced digital capabilities in line with the country’s move towards technological integration to support its development.

Speaking on the significance of the enhanced national ID, Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology (MIST), Davidson Ishmael, shared: “this new card signals Barbados’ investment in the path towards modernisation and the commitment to building a secure digital infrastructure for Barbados.”

He continued: “We are proud to realise the launch of the Trident card and look forward to seeing the cards fully utilised as we onboard new services and functionalities to make the lives of Barbadians easier, safer and better.”

On the value added of the Trident card, Project Manager, National Digital ID, Elsa Webster, explains: “In addition to being compliant with international standards for identification, the new card is more secure, durable and technologically driven.”

She added: Iit is tamper-resistant with a range of visible and invisible security features to make it extremely difficult to counterfeit.  It has an embossed Trident to assist those with visual impairments to be able to identify and orient the card and it is now the same shape and size as all other cards, making it easier to carry.”

Registration continues using the surname system with two weeks for each category. Pensioners, persons with disabilities and welfare recipients can proceed to register irrespective of surname. 

Registration will begin on September 26 for persons who are incapacitated or in institutions at their place of residence by request.

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