Executive Director of the Barbados Accreditation Council, Valda Alleyne. (BGIS)

Although registration of providers of post secondary and tertiary level education has been in existence for six years, it is still at the developmental stage.

Executive Director of the Barbados Accreditation Council, Valda Alleyne, expressed this view today at the start of a BAC workshop on Preparing An Effective Self Evaluative Report for the Registration Process at the Almond Bay Conference Centre, Hastings, Christ Church.

Acknowledging that there were 24 providers registered to date, she said: "Most of these are re-registrants, providers that have been registered for three years. We do have quite a few more applications in for registration and a few others are already in the process of registration but just waiting to put a few things in order."

Queried about the registration process for a roaming provider, Ms. Alleyne pointed out that it was the same, except that there was a checklist which BAC required of these providers who are known to offer education and training at various locations.

The head of BAC said, however, that with respect to distance education it was very hard for any quality assurance agency worldwide to be able to monitor the quality assurance of such providers. She said: "However, if you are offering education or training in a physical location, we do have registration protocols listed on our website http://www.bac.gov.bb/ for providers seeking to offer not only face-to-face teaching, but distance education."

And, Ms. Alleyne reiterated the need for the public to ensure all institutions, whether distance or in a physical location, were reputable.?? "If you are going to undertake a course with a provider, ensure that the education, training institution or programme is recognised or accredited because with the Diploma Mills and Accreditation Mills – places where you can buy a diploma, accreditation, certificate, and you don’t have to attend a course, where you get everything – from the employer’s letter, right down to the graduation ring and reference letter – you have to be careful. Ensure that you check with the Accreditation Council," she stressed.


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