Persons interested in signing up to participate in this year’s National Senior Games can now do so.

The annual track meet will run off on Monday, May 21, at the National Stadium, Waterford, St. Michael.

Registration forms for the various events are available from the National Sports Council, Blenheim, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael; The National Assistance Board, Murrell House, Country Road, St. Michael; and Sports and Games, Corner of James and Roebuck Streets, Bridgetown. Once completed, forms should be returned to those locations by the specified deadlines.

Admission to the games is free, and anyone over the age of 40 years can participate. Seniors athletes, as well as aspiring athletes, are asked to note that a number of meetings with all persons interested in participating in the games have been scheduled and these dates will be announced via the media shortly.

Persons may also contact the Ministry of Social Care at 535-1600 for more information about the National Senior Games.


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