The Child Care Board is reminding operators of private day care centres that they must renew their certificates to operate such establishments annually.

Similarly, those persons who are applying to have centres registered for the first time, are advised that all applications must have the written approval of the Chief Town Planner to operate from the proposed site, as well as a Certificate of Registration from the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office. All relocations must have the same approvals.

Existing private day care operators are also reminded that all applications for the renewal of licences must be accompanied by the following documents: a Certificate of Inspection from the Fire Department; a Certificate of Inspection and an appropriate Food Licence issued by the Ministry of Health; current Medical Certificates for all Staff; current Food Handler Certificates for all persons handling food; and current Certificates of Character from the Police Department for all staff.

Additionally, all changes to original applications should be reported in writing to the Director, Child Care Board. All renewals or registrations must be completed by Saturday, January 31, 2015.

In accordance with the Child Care Board Act 1981-34 and the Child Care Board (Private Child Care Centre) Regulations 1986, ???all persons operating Private Child Care Centres are reminded that it is illegal to operate any such establishment without a Certificate of Registration from the Child Care Board.

Failure to comply with the Child Care Board???s Regulations may result in closure or a penalty, which is a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00), and or six months imprisonment???.

Persons requiring further information are asked to write to The Director, Child Care Board, Fred Edghill Building, Cheapside, St. Michael, or call 426-2577.

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