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Persons who have not yet registered for courses being offered through Government’s Employability Project may still do so.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations has advised that registration is still on for the three courses that are being offered in conjunction with the International Labour Organization and the National Training Initiative (NTI).

Interested persons should log on to www.labour.gov.bb to register, and to participate in the training.

The Employability Project is a pilot project aimed at enhancing employability among persons who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free courses being offered are: Core Skills, Occupational Safety and Health, and Entrepreneurship.  Persons will be allowed to pursue the training at their own pace via the NTI’s online platform.

Meanwhile, the Ministry, having recently entered a partnership with the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP), will also be offering two of the courses – Occupational Safety and Health and Entrepreneurship – on BIMAP’s online platform.

While persons may opt to take only one course, they are encouraged to register for all three, as the training will equip them with new skills and knowledge that will assist their efforts at re-entering the job market, or starting up a business.

Core Skills, the course which was available from July 2020, will lay the foundation to allow individuals to effectively communicate with people, and easily adapt to change.

Sessions in Occupational Safety and Health will provide the requisite knowledge to make sure that work spaces are safe and healthy, and to identify any risks that can lead to accidents.  Due to the health threat posed by COVID-19, this course is extremely essential.  This module was available from September 7, 2020.

The course on Entrepreneurship will allow individuals to develop, organise and move their ideas into start-up businesses.  Participants will learn how to manage their finances and how to properly market their product or service. On completion of this particular course, persons are expected to gain the necessary confidence to start their businesses.  

Additionally, a component of this course will be a Webinar, where participants will be afforded the opportunity to engage employers and established entrepreneurs.

While persons may immediately register for the Entrepreneurship course, it will only be available from the end of September 2020.

Candidates who successfully complete each course will receive a certificate of participation.  The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations anticipates that sufficient interest will be generated such that persons will explore opportunities to attain National Vocational Qualification or Caribbean Vocational Qualification certification through BIMAP.

For further information on all courses, prospective candidates may also check the Ministry’s website.


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