Director of Youth, Cleviston Hunte is pictured in discussion with author Denise Charles at the launch of her book, How to Have Mind Blowing Sex-Without Losing Your Brain! The ceremony was held last Friday at Lanterns Mall, Hastings. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

"We must work together to empower our men and women to recognise and build all aspects of their lives, physically and mentally, so they can meaningfully contribute to the development of the total family".

So says Director of Youth, Cleviston Hunte, who was speaking on behalf of Minister of Family, Stephen Lashley. His comments came last Friday at the launch of the book, ???How to Have Mind Blowing Sex without Losing Your Brain!, at Lanterns Mall, Hastings, Christ Church.

Mr. Hunte told his audience that the Division of Family was currently reviewing policies, where necessary, to assist families. "We are working with several professionals to deliver a parenting programme, which [has] moved beyond delivering presentations to parents on how to be a great parent, to exploring the psychological and physical components of both child and adult and their respective needs, to create a better understanding and appreciation for each group," he said.

The Youth Director explained that one of the main objectives of the programme, was for it to be owned by the community. He pointed out that the Division of Family had received several requests for the programme, and was willing to coordinate specific packages to suit the needs of groups.

"We are currently mid-way in a centralised programme being delivered at the Ministry of Education’s Conference Room and recently completed a three-month programme with parents at the Bay Primary School," he noted. In addition, Mr. Hunte explained that individuals had been trained as trainers to energise the growth of available facilitators to work with groups in the communities, including, the church, school, PTAs or community clubs.

Furthermore, he said the Division of Family had also engaged teenagers through its ???Building Bridges’ television series, which sought to bring into open discussion the views of teenagers on several issues affecting their lives and the challenging responses of adults. "We in the Ministry believe that healing and growth cannot occur unless we know what is truly on the minds of all involved," he remarked.

Turning his attention to the book, Mr. Hunte said the Ministry of Family supported positive motivators who sought to empower individuals, so that they could achieve their fullest potential as partners in relationships that are "healthy, exciting and stimulating because they recognise and understand their personal and collective needs".

How to Have Mind Blowing Sex without Losing Your Brain!, was written by Barbadian author, educator, counsellor and trained psychologist, Denise Charles. It is a candid look at relationships between men and women and seeks to debunk some myths about sexuality.


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