Barbadians are being encouraged to remember their neighbours and the less fortunate this Christmas.

This is the plea of Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett, who was speaking recently at a Christmas luncheon for seniors of the polyclinics and the Soroptimist Village, at the Living Water Community Hall, St. David???s, Christ Church.

Minister Blackett urged those gathered to be ???Christ-like??? and demonstrate good thoughts, words and good deeds to their neighbours and acquaintances, not only during the Yuletide season, but throughout the year.

???Although the spirit of sharing and caring should abound throughout the year, Christmas is a time when we should make that extra effort to ensure that persons in our communities, especially the elderly and other vulnerable groups, are remembered and afforded the treats of the season.

???We too might not always be able to give what we consider to be the best, but remember that one man???s floor will be another man???s ceiling, that is, what is not worthwhile to us will be a treasure to someone else??? You might not be able to give them a whole ham or a cake, but you might be quite surprised at how appreciative they would be of a slice of both or either. Sometimes, just a visit or a telephone call at this time can make someone happy beyond belief,??? he said.

The Social Care Minister also reminisced with the seniors about old time Barbadian Christmas traditions, such as fixing the house on Christmas Eve, scrubbing pine floors and wiping them off with old crocus bags and placing marl around the house to represent snow.

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