Employers are being reminded that in accordance with Section 13 of the Employment Rights Act 2012, each employee must be issued with a written statement of employment particulars.

These particulars are: the name of the employee; address of the employer; date when the employment began or begins; job title; job description; wages rates and how the wage is calculated; the date on which wages are to be paid; normal working hours; probation period (if any); notice period required by employee; any collective agreements; any terms and conditions relating to holidays and holiday pay, sickness and injury; and pensions and pension schemes.

The Labour Department is also reminding employers that in accordance with Section 17 of the Act, each employee has the right to receive from his employer, either at or before the payment of wages/salaries, a written itemised pay statement.

The statement should include the gross amount of wages; the amounts of any variable or fixed deductions from the gross amount, the purposes for which those deductions are made; the net amount of wages payable and the date of payment and the dates of the pay period.

The deadline for compliance to these regulations is Tuesday, October 15.Further details on the Employment Rights Act 2012 may be obtained by contacting the Labour Department at 310-1500, 310-1505 to 1512 or 310-1533.


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