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Swimmers and sea bathers are urged to avoid going between the channels created by buoys, which have been installed by the Maritime Affairs Section of the Ministry of the Environment at beaches across the island.

The buoys are being used to identify dedicated routes to allow water sports vessels and craft to launch and haul out from the beach, without interference to other users.

It is part of an exercise being conducted by the Maritime Affairs Section and the Coastal Zone Management Unit to ensure the safety of all beach users, and is in accordance with the pending Shipping Domestic Vessels legislation.

At present, lanes designated for the entry and exit of water sports craft can be found at Speightstown; Cholera Bay; Mullins; Gibbs Bay; Thunder Bay; Mount Standfast; Glitter Bay; Heron Bay; Colony Club; Discovery Bay; Zaccios; Sandy Lane; Payne’s Bay North; Tamarind Cove; Crystal Cove; Payne’s Bay South; Waves Hotel; Batts Rock; Paradise; Brighton Beach; Boat Yard; Carlisle Bay; Pebbles Beach; Dover Beach; Maxwell North; Maxwell Central and Maxwell South.

In those channels, swimming, sea bathing, paddle boarding, or other beach activity is strictly prohibited


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