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Members of the public are reminded that they should acquire a mailbox for their homes and businesses by Tuesday, September 1. This forms part of the Post Office Delivery Regulations (2019), which took effect from June 1.

Homeowners and businesses are asked to note that a receptacle for a mail delivery point is a mailbox, a letter slot and a cluster box unit.

Mailboxes should be fastened securely or adjacent to any entrance door, or securely to a wall or fence of the residence, which is readily accessible to an officer of the post office.

Individuals may also cut a letter slot in any entrance door of the residence, or may place a panel adjacent to any entrance door of the residence, which can be easily accessed by an officer of the post office.

Mailboxes are available for sale at all post offices. For further information, persons should contact the Customer Service Desk at 535-3953 or 535-3956, or visit the Barbados Postal Service’s Facebook page.

The Postmaster General thanks members of the public for their cooperation, and urges them to stay safe.


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