The Barbados Drug Service is taking measures to ensure its products and services are not abused.

Medication will be given free at point of service, to citizens and permanent residents of Barbados, ONLY.??

Only one of the following approved forms of identification will be accepted for persons to benefit from "free" medicines under the Barbados Drug Service’s programme.?? These are a Barbados Identification Card (ID) which identifies the bearer as "Barbadian"; a Barbados Passport with the Barbados National Registration number; a Barbados Identification Card plus a passport of citizenship with the stamp from the Barbados Immigration Department that reads:?? "I hereby certify that the holder is a Permanent Resident of Barbados", or; Barbados Identification Card plus a Permanent Resident’s certificate issued by the Immigration Department."

The approved form of identification must be shown to the pharmacist on each visit, for both original and repeat prescriptions.

Additionally, parents are encouraged to register their children within two weeks of birth for a Barbados Identification Card, as medication will not be issued without the child’s ID card.?? The one year grace period has been cancelled.

Persons are also advised to ensure that the name indicated on the doctor’s prescription, is as it appears on the National Identification Card, as prescriptions, written in the names of aliases, will not be honoured.

They should also ensure that the name indicated on the National Identification Card is as it appears on the Birth Certificate.?? Individuals are encouraged to contact the Chief Electoral Officer immediately, should there be any differences in the information stated on the National Identification Card, to have that card corrected.

The Ministry of Health has reminded Barbadians that these policies are not new, and are being highlighted for the information of the general public, in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the Barbados Drug Service.?? The Ministry of Health thanks the public for their cooperation and understanding in this matter.??????

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