Three more flavours of icecream, manufactured by Flavorite Foods Ltd., are being removed from retail outlets by the Ministry of Health.

The icecream flavours are: Orange Pine 500ml BB 2009 April 24; Chocolate Ripple 500ml BB 2009 April 09 and Caramel Toffee 1litre BB 2009 August 06.

Environmental Health Officers from the Ministry are checking distribution points and retail outlets to ensure that all of the above-mentioned products are not offered for sale to the public.

This follows similar action last week by the Health Ministry which saw five flavours of Flavorite icecream removed. These were: Cherry Vanilla, 1 litre BB 2009 August 04; Coconut Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; White Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; Strawberry, 175 ml and Golden Vanilla 175 ml.

The action is being taken under the Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1969.

According to the Ministry, “testing of these eight flavours of icecream has confirmed bacterial contamination.”

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